Registrations are made online through our webshop and are complete after buying a ticket.

  • Anyone over 18 is eligible to participate at the PhotoMarathon Istanbul.
  • Every participant needs to register and have a ticket.
  • To get a ticket go to our webpage, choose a city, an event and buy online. Tickets can be purchased online up to 1 week before the event or on the event day itself, before the closing time of the First Checkpoint (only cash accepted at this point).
  • Ticket prices differ (early bird, normal ticket, late entry or race-day ticket) depending on when you buy it. There are also discounts if you buy tickets for more cities, these you can find on your confirmation mail after you purchase a ticket.
  • Purchasing a ticket entitle you to participate to the race on the city and date you have chosen. You will receive all the necessary info to participate on the week before race day.
  • Cancellations are possible and refund requests are valid till 1 month before the race date. The ticket price will be refunded minus the Webshop service cost.




Now that you have bought a ticket, it’s time to get ready.

  • The initial and last checkpoints will be announced some weeks before the event. This should allow you to better plan your day.
  • Every participant has to personally be at every checkpoint to qualify. Checkpoints are open for a short period so make sure you get there on time.
  • At the first checkpoint we will have a participant pack for everyone that has registered. Here you will also receive the first themes and the location of the next checkpoint after the start announcement. Stay around for the group photo.
  • The participant pack contains your personal Race ID, a badge that you can present if someone asks you what you are doing, a Race/info map and some other goodies. Keep you ID badge with you so you can get the stamps at every checkpoint.
  • At the last checkpoint the photos you have selected for each theme will be transferred to the organiser’s computers. Only complete sets will be accepted. Check well the editing and delivering of photos sections below to make sure you don’t get disqualified!




PhotoMarathon Istanbul consists on taking a set of photos divided in several themes (3 photos per theme) within a given time limit.

  • The day of the race is the moment when both organisers and participants get together to make this great event happen!
  • Every year we chose a different part of the city for you to explore, nonetheless we always chose checkpoints that privilege interaction and comfort for the participants.
  • Every participant has to take care of its own food and drinks, but we will choose checkpoints where you can easily get access to both.
  • The PhotoMarathon Istanbul organisation will not provide any means of transportation, but will make sure that the checkpoints are within walking distance and close to public transports.
  • Every participant is responsible or the authenticity of the submitted photos. All photos have to be taken during the race day and in the city you have registered for. No downloads or previously taken photos are allowed.
  • It is allowed to use all kinds of digital photographic cameras, including smart mobile devices and smart phones, but be sure to read the rules for editing and delivering.
  • You can also partner up with other photographers and walk together. This is generally useful if you are new in the city or just want to talk about photo gear the whole day.
  • CP 2 and 3 are mainly to meet other photographers, get your ID badge stamped and receive your next set of themes. You are then free to move around the city to take your photos, just make sure you arrive to the next checkpoints on time.
  • The organizing team will promptly answer any related questions to the photo race event, but will not discuss the theme interpretation and is not responsible for misinterpretations and misunderstandings.




Participants are allowed to make minor editing adjustments on the submitted photos such as:

  • Exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrance and white balance.
  • Alignment and cropping (please use 3:2 proportions)
  • To shoot in RAW as long as you deliver in JPG.
  • To shoot or convert to black and white.

Participants are expressly prohibited to make changes that radically change the photos like, add or subtract elements to the photos. Ultimately it’s up to the participant to decide to what extent you want to edit your photos. General rule is that if you can prove you made it in-camera then it’s allowed. We will send all screened photos to the Jury and the winners will be asked to send their original files. If there is any suspicion that the photos have been edited beyond acceptable we will disqualify it.

Before delivering your photos, please rename them to the corresponding PhotoMarathon Istanbul name standards: (participant #_theme #_photo #) (e.g: 123_T1_01.jpg, 123_T1_02.jpg, 123_T1_03.jpg, etc…) In case you don’t have a way to edit or rename your photos, you can deliver them directly from your camera card, but first write down in a note which photos to deliver.


At the race day we will have card readers for the most used formats, if you use anything out of the ordinary then bring a way to connect it to our laptops. Still, best thing to do would be to bring your photos on a pen drive. You are also allowed to deliver their photos by email. This can be done by uploading your photo selection to a service like WeTransfer and send it to the specific PhotoMarathon Istanbul mail (please check your Badge ID or Race info card for the mail at the bottom). DO NOT attach your photos to a regular mail, we will only accept photos sent by the transfer service.


Be advised that you still need to get your Badge ID and stamped and validated, meaning that you have to personally be at the last checkpoint before 22h. You do this e-mail delivery process at your own responsibility, we do not take responsibility by mail delivery errors or any other problems that might occur with this process. We advise that you confirm with us, on the spot, that we have received your photos. We will not answer to emails on the day of the race.





The Jury is composed by elements nominated by the organising team and will receive all photos renamed and coded for anonymity purposes. They will select the best 3 photographers set’s (all submitted photos), the best themes and a single photo Jury favourite.


All winners will be awarded with t.b.a. awards and the prints of their photos. The winners will be announced as soon as the Jury has made their selection and the awards will be given in an exhibition of their work. The Jury selection process can take up to 2 months and the exhibition is normally hosted after that. If you are one of the winners but can’t come to the exhibition/awards ceremony we will send your awards by post.





All submitted photos will be screened by the organising team in order to detect possible violations of the regulations. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant that fails to comply with the rules & guidelines stated in this document.

  • Failing to personally check-in at any given checkpoint within the allowed time.
  • Failing to deliver all required photos at the last checkpoint.
  • Over editing photos, apart from the allowed post-processing adjustments (check editing chapter).
  • Downloading or using photos that were not taken by the participant during the photo race day.
  • Delivering photos that do not have the time and date of the photo race.
  • Delivering watermarked photos.
  • Delivering photos attached to a mail instead of using WeTransfer.




All photos in contest remain the sole property of its authors, but the PhotoMarathon Istanbul reserves the right to use them for promotion of this event, both online and in printed format.
In case of any problems related to photos taken during the PhotoMarathon Istanbul event, participants are fully responsible for the legal implications related to what and how they photograph their subjects.