Terms of Participation


Anyone who uses a digital camera can compete. Please bring your free memory card and your charged batteries on the race day. All images must be taken within 12 hours of the Photo Marathon day. For this reason, check the date setting of the camera! Post-shoot Photoshop edits will not be made, the originality of the photo will not be interfered, and individual themes will be photographed in the specified order. These conditions are controlled by us through a special program and the Exif file.




All subjects should be photographed in the correct order according to the determined theme. Each station will be given new themes that need to be photographed chronologically.

In order to be able to identify each participant’s series, it is necessary to photograph the icon shown before the first photo. In addition, the icon will be photographed before each destination to determine if you are going to the intermediate stations and the last station. Photo At the end of the marathon, your memory card should contain only 12 photos you want to be sent to the competition. More photos will be deleted.




Only JPG formats are accepted. Please set the JPG format on your camera and “high” as the quality of the photos. As a photo format, it is recommended that you set the 2: 3 format for the prospective exhibit.

We recommend taking a flash or tripod during evening shots.

Photos will not use image processing and HDR programs found on some cameras.




Those who do not arrive at the meeting point within 15 minutes from the start time or do not show up at the intermediate stations are disqualified at the specified times. The same applies to the arrival station, which is set at 22.30. The start of the Photo Marathon will be given at the Sirkeci train station on Saturday, September 22 at 10.30. It is important that all attendees arrive on time to register and receive their initials.

Photo Marathon team will be waiting for you from 9.00.




Photo Marathon is a contemporary documentary. Black-and-white or colored, the best 144 seats will be displayed and the book will be printed for those first selected.

TFSF (Turkey Photographic Arts Federation) and FIAP patronage of the contest will be given prizes.

All the venues are located in the Istanbul region and will be collected in one station every four hours. At these stops new routes will be identified and the attendance number will be given. Participants should take the theme pages themselves at intermediate stations and document the icon shown by photographing them.

The starting number and badges (for safety reasons) must be used visibly throughout the race. Youngsters (under the age of 18) may be accompanied by a legal guardian or may participate with the written consent of their lawyers.




If you reach the target at 22.30 hours, you will have 12 photos taken with your camera and your target photos will be recorded. When the race is over there will be only 12 photos on your memory card, otherwise you will be disqualified. The award ceremony is the photo the next day of the marathon. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the rules at any time. The changes will affect important parts of the rules of the game, and the participants will be informed in time by e-mail. The email address given during registration will be used for this purpose. Photo Marathon should not include pornographic, violent, juridical photographs.