What's PhotoMarathon?



PhotoMaraton is a cultural activity that combines photography with passion. It contributes to the promotion of the living zone. It’s a day devoted to photography. If we say marathon; you do not need to run; It’s a quiet, cool-tempered activity. Anyone with any digital camera is welcome. Citizens, friends, lovers, photo enthusiasts, tourists, on an entertaining day, encourage the city to create thematic images while living alternately.




Photo Marathon is an event consisting of 12 themes and 12 photos within a 12 hour period. Themes are open to creativity. Participants will be asked to photograph their moments, reflecting the spirit of time in Istanbul. In each case, 4 photo leaders will announce their theme separately. The themes to be worked on will not be announced before and each photographer will not know the next theme.


Participants will register for a fee of 50 TL through the website before the event. Membership till 31 May will be 40 TL and registration on the day of Photomaraton will be 75 TL. Photo Marathon’s start time is 10.30, end time is 22.30. From 8.30 onwards, the attendants will collect badges, t-shirts and bags from the registration desk in the Sirkeci Train Station hall.


No fees will be charged for competitors participating with tablets, mobile phones and compact photographic machines. These persons will be able to register directly at the Sirkeci station from 11:00 am. Public participation will start at 12.00 and will end at 17.00.